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December 9, 2002
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I wanted to be naked
So I took off all my clothes
And stood in front of the mirror
In pink underwear and black bra.
Wasn't enough.

I was still dressed,
Still perfectly decent.
I wanted to be naked.

I took off my bandanna,
My earrings,
Even the one that doesn't come off.
I took off my cuffs,
My rubber bracelets,
One at a time.
And dropped it all on the counter.

It still wasn't enough.
I still had the glitter of silver and black.
I wanted to be naked.

I peeled my nailpolish,
Chipping my nails in the process.
I took off my wrist chains,
Feeling my life leave along with them,
Feeling my wrist get lighter and lighter.
Goodbye Geneviève.
I wanted to be naked.

I looked at myself in the mirror
And it still wasn't enough.
There was more.

I scratched away at the scars
From my failed operation,
From my dislocation
From my wheelchair.
I tore them out and pulled the pain out with it.
I yanked the pain out of my head,
Migraines for sale.

I wanted to be naked.
Without clothes, jewelry
Or pain.
Hmmm. A sister obesession I have with my total silence one.

To do the things described in the first part would take me over 10 minutes because of the silver bracelets. They're extensive to remove. Geneviève is the mistake I fell in love with, once upon a time. She was a girl, to answer everyone.

Update: Fixed the typo. Thanks ~triptychr
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Daily Deviation

Given 2002-12-09
Stripping oneself in layers like an onion. I Wanted To Be Naked by ladygekko is a wonderful twist on introspection and expression. Please read! (Selected by ^faithwalker) ( Featured by faithwalker )
Puffun Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008
I kinda liked this, tho i woulda liked it better if it werent sorted in dark.
fredfburger Featured By Owner May 13, 2008   Photographer
issamonster Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2003
I posted on this deviation a hell of a long time ago, back when it was still new. Back then my deviant name was devils-imp... I had forgotten that until I found this deviation today. My how dorky and ignorant I was then.

I did a search to find it. Of all the DA poems I've read over the past year or two, this is the one I remember most. Perhaps because it was the first poem I could understand on a deeper level. Thank you. Even a year after you submitted it, I still have to let you know that it's a great poem. :-)
ladygekko Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2003
That really means a lot to me. Thank you so much. :love:

issamonster Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2003
My pleasure. :) Keep writing.
boobookittiefuck Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2003
jesus. *in awe*
art-nouveau Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2003
shivering! love it! i really feel that my blood is stopped and freezed on my veins when i read your last 2 quatrain. keep it up.
jessiquita Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
This is beautiful.

Very expressive.

Good stuff. :) (Smile)
bratchny Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2002
So descriptive...I like descriptive things. I can picture you taking off all your clothes, but still looking in the mirror, dissatisfied. I've felt that way. :) (Smile) and yeah, the second last verse about the scars, is really poignant. Has a real rhyming quality anout it..
devils-imp Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2002
i loved the poem i was only scared like.....3 to 12 times while reading it...genevieve was really the scariest part in it but by saying that i feel like...racist in a way so ill shut up now... congrats on the dd. it really is a beautiful poem.
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